MRL-SPL 2017

We are the first Iranian participant in RoboCup Standard Platform League since  2009. Current video contains our highlights on previous years.


The RoboCup Standard Platform League is a RoboCup robot soccer league, in which all teams compete with identical robots. The robots operate fully autonomously, i.e. there is no external control, neither by humans nor by computers. The league is based on Aldebaran's Nao humanoids. Teams compete with their five 53cm height robots, which are able to communicate with each other by the wireless network. Robots are able to use two cameras, placed on their face in order to recognize objects in the field. As there is no difference in robots hardware, the team with more optimized software and intelligence is the winner.

We are a team of undergraduate and graduate students based in Qazvin Azad University, working as one of research groups of Mechatronics Research Laboratory. Our occupation as students is learning and doing research in the field of AI and Robotics on Nao robot platform. We participate in RoboCup competitions since 2009 to see our efforts and research results in a practical environment. Some of our results on these competitions include the fifth place in Brazil 2014 competitions, the first place at Iran Open 2014, and the third place of German Open 2014.

Research Areas

We conduct research in the field of Artifical Intelligence.

Machine Vision

Recognize objects in the environment such as lines, robots, etc.

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Robot requires its position in order to operate.

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Behavior Control

By having own position and objects' positions robot can play with its teammates

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Biped Locomotion

Robot walks on its feet like a human being

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Nao Humanoid Robot Lab.

Computer Engineering Faculty, Mechatronics Research Laboratory
Qazvin Azad University, Nokhbegan Blvd., Qazvin, Iran.

Tel: +98 283 366 5275
Fax: +98 283 367 5780
Email: info [at] mrl-spl [dot] ir