About us

Learn by doing!

 Nao Laboratory is a dynamic enviornment for learning in order to make student able for gaining knowledge in the fields of computer science, artificial intelligences, robotics, mechanics and control. Enthusiastic students, especially undergraduates are given facilities and opportunity to start learning using platforms such as Nao robot and robots soccer playing competitions. During a 3-4 year program of the laboratory they are able to gain required knowledge to work as a team, conduct research on different topics. All these are encourage based on a self-oriented paradigm. After this time they are ready to carry-on either in the research segment or enter the industry based on their preference.


Nao laboratory founded in 2008 as one of the research groups of the Mechatronics Research Laboratory of the Qazvin Azad University. Laboratory started with 4 Nao robots and participated in RoboCup Iran Open 2009 as the first Iranian team in Standard Platform League of the RoboCup. The purpose of the laboratory has been set to promote learning and research for the students of the Qazvin Azad University, especially undergraduate students who are instered in computer science, artificial intelligence, robotics, and related topics. We participated in our first RoboCup competition held in Austria in 2009.


Our main goal is to have an environment suitable for all students (especially undergraduates). We want to be able to learn by doing/experimenting. Since robocup competitions are held in an international scale, it is a good platform as a short-term target for the students to learn on this bed. They involve in team work and research projects, coding, and software practices which is going to be a basis for their future career.


All our efforts are aligned with our values

Our Relation with Other Units of the Univesity

As a result of our efforts in the laboratory, we have had graduate and undergraduate students that pursue their career either in research, academia, or industry. Some of them started their own start-up companies or joined prominent companies in the industry. Some are seeking their next academic degree overseas or in Iran. Some of our former/current team members formed their own start-up companies at Qazvin Azad University's accelerator (known as SRC, a software accelerator) as a part of an initiative in SYNTECH Technology and Innovation Center.