All decisions made by the robot eventually lead to its move. one of the most important things in this field is, how the robot moves to the ball in order to reach the shortest path in the shortest possible time, without encountering to other things and more importantly is the ability of robot to move on two legs and maintains balanced while walking. These activities are scientifically equivalent to controlling industrial arms, automatic operations in factories, and much more. Mechanic and Mechatronic students are the best choice for research and activity in these two fields

Each robot based on obtained information from the environment needs intelligent decisions to improve the game's progress in order to help it's team to win. This decision can be made of predetermined rules or taken during the game by machine learning methods. Decisions include moving toward the ball, proper placement in the game, passing or other individual or team decisions. This field applies to all cases where a device or robot needs its own decision making. Robots that follow a common goal can also count on its applications. All students who are familiar with the principles of program design can work in this section

In this section, the main goal is to obtain an accurate estimate of the position of the robot and surrounding objects by refining the information obtained from image processing sector. For example, The exact position of the robot, in what position the team-mates and opponents are in, how fast the ball moves on the ground, all can be calculated by proper modeling of environmental perimeters. These issues have function in location of robots, cars and objects. In addition, modeling is applicable in any situation where input data are not directly applicable and need to be refined. Students in Electrical, Computer, Control, Artificial Intelligence and Mechatronics, who are familiar with the basics of statistics and engineering feasibility, can take research activities in this area

In this section, the robot, using its cameras, stores the image of the environment, which is actually a sequence of numbers, and holds them all in sequence. Then, using image processing algorithms and using machine learning methods, detects objects. These objects include balls, goal post, other robots and field area. This field of activity can be used in process of medical images and detection of certain diseases, security and authentication processes, airplane and car control, and many more. Students in computer, artificial intelligence and mechatronics, who are interested in machine vision, can choose the Nao Lab as the practical platform for their projects